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The Parent Portal Mobile site is available!

From your smartphone or mobile device, please visit our mobile site at:

District Message

 Welcome to the Parent Portal site. To begin using this site you will need the student's unique identifier number (this is not your child's student id number) from their campus. Once you have received this number you may begin the 3 easy steps to setting your account. Please be advised that if you should forget your password, you will have to use the password recovery wizard in the lower left hand corner. No one at the school has access to your password. Do not forget to use the alerts tab to customize the alerts for your individual needs. If you need help setting up your account, please visit http://www.henrietta-isd.net and view the Parent Portal article on the Public Information page in the District Information section.



If you aren't receiving your alerts to your email please check your spam/junk mail folder.  If there are still no emails there please whitelist TXEIS.Alerts@henrietta-isd.net in your email account or contact your email provider to make sure that TXEIS.Alerts@henrietta-isd.net is on their whitelist.